Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A stop at Narita Airport

As I was traveling back to Hawaii, I made my normal stop at the Narita Airport. Each time I pass through this airport I see something interesting. The first time it was how normal the security screening was compared to here in the United States. Obviously I understand why and I'm not complaining. I'm happy to know we are safe and take extra precautions, but at Narita it's a standard walk through with your shoes on just like we used to have. I just always feel like I'm missing something. The next thing is while you are in the international terminal each airline has a gate agent walk through the terminal holding a sign looking for any people that are lost or not at the correct gate. I just always find it amusing when I see them. It is something that I can't ever imagine happening in the US. People at the airport are so friendly and willing to help everyone. Maybe next time I can grab a picture. The last thing is the difference in sizes. My layover was 5 hours and as I was sitting and waiting, I decided to grab a drink. The closest place was McDonald's so I headed over and ordered a small drink. I almost laughed when she gave it to me, but it just made me realize how big things are in the US. Our sizes and portions are much different than other countries!

While I was googling Narita Airport, another interesting imagine came up. Too bad I wasn't able to add this picture to my list of things I've seen! Maybe next time!

                                                 Lady Gaga at NRT. Photo courtesy of FSB

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