Monday, February 28, 2011

A View from the Roof and A Day in Osan

This city never ceases to amaze me! Whether you want to shop for shoes, antiques, blankets, fabric, purses or anything else you can imagine, it can be found in Seoul. The first few pictures are from the 30th floor of a friends apartment looking into Namedaemun and Myeongdong. The Namdaemun Market was one of the first places we checked out. I originally thought it was huge and couldn't imagine anything bigger, but Seoul did not disappoint because I have found bigger places...stay tuned for updated pics!

On Saturday morning we left for Osan Air Force Base. Rush had a meeting there and luckily it's only an hour bus ride. There is a bus system for all the bases in South Korea so it's easy to get from one place to the next. Outside the main gate at Osan is a block full of stores. We walked around for a few hours to check out the scenery. 

While we were there, I really wanted to try Dr. Fish. I had seen/read about this before so I was excited to try it. You get 10-15 mins to let the fish eat and then your feet come out nice and smooth! It was definitely a really weird sensation, but it gets a little better after a couple mins. It doesn't hurt, but just really tickles! And yes, I made Rush try it too :)

Following a fun filled day that included purse shopping and getting a 
custom fitted new jacket (yippee!!!), we headed out for dinner and drinks.  Apparently, we were drinking something called a kettle. All I know is that I didn't question it because I didn't want to know the answer.  Any drink that turns neon green can't be normal, right?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Seoul Folk Flea Market

Any spare moment we get, I try to find something new for us to do! I think I'm starting to wear Rush out, but he's being a good sport about everything. Our latest trip took us to the Seoul Folk Flea Market. Just like everything we have seen so far, it was huge. We tried to zigzag our way through the entire place but I think we probably missed a lot. This place has everything from clothes, farm equipment, food, and too many antiques. Everywhere you looked was filled with something. At least we have another place to cross off our to do list!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Seoul Apartment

We are all moved into our new home! Right now it feels pretty empty, but we are making it home. I'm sure after a few more purchases at Namdaemun Market it will be better (Hopefully Rush isn't reading this!!!)

Our bedroom with balcony

Hallway (looking from bedroom)

Music/Sewing Room

Living room

Dining room


Living room balcony

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Welcome to Seoul

Our Hoopty...Koreans specifically call old cars hoopties. It's really funny to hear them talk about them!

Namdaemun Market. What is funny sightseeing?

Rush trying to show everyone how cold it is!

Finally found the bunny :) Evan is going to be excited!!!!

Walking in one of the market shops...stuff everywhere. Every inch of this city is being used for something!

Time to warm up

At least she can keep her hands warm while walking

Shinsagae...This place is incredible! At least 14 stories of shopping. It is the Neiman Marcus of the U.S. The food area was so pretty. We tried the Mochi and Cupcakes (see below!!!)

Myeongdong Market
For those of you that don't know, we have moved to Seoul! It's just temporary, but so far it is amazing! Here are a few pictures of what we have been up to the last few days. I'll make sure to put more up tomorrow and fill you in on what we have been doing!