Monday, September 5, 2011

26 Miles along the DMZ

It is hard to believe we are done! Running a marathon is now checked off our list of things to do. After 3 months of training we are so happy to have our weekends back. We did enjoy training, but we will also enjoy some free time to explore Seoul.

We had just over a 2 hour bus ride up to Cheorwon and arrived with about 45 minutes to check our bags and get ready. It seemed like a very well organized marathon except for the fact that everything was in Korean so we didn't really know what was happening around us. We saw the sign for the full marathon and decided to line up and wait.

Our pace started out really well. We had to remember to stay slow and steady but of course all the excitement made me want to run faster. Because we were running along the DMZ, we were very close to Korean bases and had a lot of Republic of Korea Soldiers cheering us on. It was really motivating and they loved seeing people from the US. They would see us and yell "Go Whitey!" Or your beautiful, your handsome, great couple! It definitely made us laugh but kept us motivated. I wish I could have brought my camera but I just didn't want the extra thing to hold. At one point, we ran through a military base that had signs for mines on either side of us. We made sure to stay on the correct path!

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  1. Looks like you guys had great weather too! Congrats again :)