Friday, August 26, 2011

Need Flowers?

This past week only involved one adventure, but it was a good one. The Yangjae Flower Market is amazing. They have so many flowers, I couldn't even imagine how many we would see. And the sad part is, we probably didn't even get to see everything. The market just kept going!

Welcome to Yangjae Flower City! (I'm guessing it says something like that)

I really can't even begin to explain the amount of orchids they had and the actual colors were unbelievable. I thought because I lived in Hawaii I had seen a lot of orchids, but I've been missing out. The colors were like nothing I had ever seen.  I thought this was our last greenhouse to walk through but as we made our way toward the back we found even more flowers.

Hydrangeas, roses, daisies, sun flowers and the list keeps going. Every kind of flower you can imagine was available for purchase.

On our walk back to the subway we found an advertisement we thought was too funny to not share. If you have been to South Korea you will understand that things get lost in translation. It happens a lot here and every time I can't but wonder what people are thinking. Check out the picture below. It is an advertisement for the department store, Doota. Hot Place Dooche is something I'm not familiar with though...Anyone want to explain?

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