Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fisher Vineyards

On our recent trip to California, we were able to make a little trip to see a friend of Rush's from Andover. Our trip was already packed, but this was something we really wanted to do so we moved some things around and were able to make a trip up to Santa Rosa to see Rob and to check out Fisher Vineyards!

We left San Francisco andheaded out over the Golden Gate bridge towards Santa Rosa. It was the most beautiful vineyard I have ever seen. The flowers were all in bloom and the garden was unbelievable. We started the tour with of course a little wine and a tour of the cellar. Everything about it was beautiful! We continued on a walk around the vineyard and then had an amazing lunch to catch up.

We were lucky enough to be given a bottle of Syrah (Thanks Rob!) for dinner that night. It was an amazing bottle of wine and I can't wait to try it again. We had been to Sonoma before, but this didn't even compare to this trip. We felt so welcomed by the family and can't wait to visit again.

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