Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Jjimjilbang Experience -- Dragon Hill Spa Review

Today was a big day! Rush has started working 12+ hour days so I decided this weekend to grab the Seoul travel book and pick out new adventures for the upcoming few weeks. I decided last night I would head out to the Dragon Hill Spa in the morning.

I have been to a Korean Spa before today but only 1 time and it was in Hawaii. Some of my North Shore girls wanted to make sure I knew what to expect (which I am completely thankful for) because it is definitely a little surprising and not for everyone.

This morning I hopped on the Subway and headed out towards the Spa. It was really easy to find once exiting the Yongsan Station.  I walked in and was approached right away by a nice Korean woman. She started speaking English, but I soon found out she did not speak very much, just the basics. I decided that because I was there I would figure out how this worked.

I paid my W10,000 and was given my wrist key. I put my shoes in the locker right away and headed to the 3rd floor. Wondering how many floors they have? I think it was 7! The 2nd and 3rd are only for women so once you take the elevator to the 3rd floor you are surrounded by women, and yes most people are naked.  No one has any problem with nudity here. You are given 2 small hand towels so you really can't even try to cover up. After figuring out where my next locker was located, I undressed and followed the signs downstairs to the pool and sauna area. You have to shower before doing anything and of course this is all in the open as well. They had too many hot tub areas to count and they all range from really hot to medium to cold temperatures. I relaxed in the hot water for awhile and then when to the body scrub area. For only W25,000 I was given about 25 minutes of the most in-depth scrub. The amount of dead skin they get rid of is incredible! I probably should mention that the lady that gives you the scrub only wear a black bra and black panties. I've been told that it's because they get wet and black isn't see thru. With exfoliating gloves the all over scrub began and once finished with my body, she washed my face and my hair. It really makes you feel great once it is complete. After finishing the scrub I headed back out where they scanned my wrist bracelet and I made my payment.

Most people that go to these places stay for hours. They have floors for both men and women and even kids are running around. They have places and eat, sleep and play games. It really is a great experience and I'm so happy I got the nerve to go. I was the only American but once you realize everyone is there to have a good time, you become more relaxed. I'm already looking forward to my next trip!

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