Thursday, May 5, 2011

Out in Seoul

So the smoothie actually held me over and I had a great workout! I had hoped to run longer, but I decided that after 3.5 miles, I would head to the gym to do some weight training. Running in Seoul is really fun. They have quite a few paths and different parks to check out. We are lucky enough to live by Namsan Park where they have great running paths.

Today I wanted to change it up a bit so I decided to head to Seoul Station. I'm never bored running here be because the sights around are always new. I didn't get to take a picture because it happened so quickly, but in the beginning of my run I had a large group of Seoul Police running towards me with their shields. It scared me into thinking something was going on but when they got closer I could see they all had smiles on their faces! I did have time to take these pictures...

These tanks are everywhere! I'm just not used to seeing these animals all time :) 

For the afternoon, I was decided to check out the area of Insadong. I had been there once before but only for 10 minutes (there was a small key mix up with someone who will remain nameless!). It is one of my favorite places in Seoul. They have Tea Houses, Pottery, and most importantly Vegetarian Restaurants!! They can be hard to come by so I'm excited to try a new place this weekend. I say this weekend because it is the Lotus Lantern Festival! It is to honor Buddha's Birthday and on Saturday night over 100,000 lanterns will be lit. The area of Insadong is already starting to get ready for the festival. 

This is one of the festivals that I have really been looking forward to seeing. I'm so happy I'll be here! I'll make sure to take the good camera this weekend to get better pictures.

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