Friday, May 6, 2011

Beginning to End

Here is my day from start to finish in pictures.

I turned and empty boring jar into...

Steel Cut Oats with PB&J, Chia Seeds and Banana!

And headed to Osan for a quick trip with Rush. Most important stop was the music store!

And in the distance we saw something that looked very familiar

A Hickam Bird! A crew from Rush's old Squadron came out so we had dinner with them. I'm so excited to get back and start flying in Hawaii!

And to prove that Rush does eat fast food I had to take this picture. I know everyone thinks I don't let him, but that isn't true!!!

And the most random pictures of the day go to the bus station at Osan. I mean who really needs a whole bag of cough drops or lollipops? Or even a large bottle of lotion?

Did you say you needed aftershave? Don't worry, they have that too!
We had a really good day and I'm happy we made the trip down to Osan. It never disappoints but I'm always happy to get back home to Seoul. Tomorrow is one of the biggest festival's here and I can't wait to go and check it out. Just as everyone on the East Coast is getting up, we are headed to bed! Good Night

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