Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Not even half way

Saturday was a big day for us! Our runs during the week are going great! We can easily fit in an hour long run without a problem. Or even better, two days a week we only have to run 3 miles. Of course we all look forward to the weekend but I'm beginning to change my mind! We know with the long runs we need to have a plan in order for us to keep our training moving in the right direction. So, on Saturday after Rush landed (He sat in First Class so I don't think it was a bad flight for him!) we went to base and started our 12 mile run. Yes, no mistake in typing....12 miles. For us it's the longest distance we have run and I didn't think it would be too bad.  I miscalculated how long we would run and with about a quarter left, I realized it! I didn't have much of a choice anyway because I was determined to finish!  I'm happy to have it behind us but I realize our weekend runs will keep getting longer! We are starting week 8 of our training today and so far my body is feeling fine. No knee problems or aches...hopefully it stays that way!

                                     Here is our after running picture...I was exhausted!!!
             But if anyone is worried(Han), I promised we stopped to hydrate and have a snack :)

                    Our poor feet after 12 miles...I can't imagine 26.2! I hope you like my slipper tan! 
                                 That is what happens when you do everything in slippers!

On a completely different topic, our fruit trees are going off! The papaya tree is continuously producing fruit for us and I can't keep up! I'm giving them away as quickly as possible! This is our first lime off the baby tree below. It has been this size for about 3 months and I finally picked it. I guess it is just small! Our avocado trees are ready to picked and I think today might be the day! We have been waiting for this day for over a year! I can not tell you how excited I am to have our own avocado trees!!

To finish an already amazing weekend, some of friends went fishing yesterday and caught an Ahi! It was 140lbs!!! Can you guess what we had for dinner?

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