Sunday, April 24, 2011

Take me out to the Ballgame...

The ballgame in Korea of course! On Saturday we headed to the Jamsil Olympic Stadium to watch a game between the LG Twins and Kia. We showed up thinking it wouldn't be a problem to get seats, but the game was sold out. People were scalping tickets but it's hard when everything is in Korean and they don't speak English! The tickets were just under $9USD so we figured it didn't matter what happened once we were inside.

The area we purchased the tickets was for general admission. Meaning people had showed up hours early to get a seat! We showed up just after the first inning so people were everywhere...the stairs, the ground! We stood up in the back and watched for about 6 innings but finally the cold weather rolled in and it was back to Itaewon.

Instead of normal ballgame food, they sell dried fish here!

The Stadium

People were sitting everywhere. Don't worry, they bring their own cardboard and take their shoes off before sitting

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