Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Aloha Hawaii, Konnichiaw Japan!
My last morning at home started like the always do...
My favorite greek yogurt (Fage), fresh strawberries, chia seeds and my new favorite granola(Michele's Granola)
And of course, my one cup of coffee! 

After enjoying my last morning in Hawaii, I headed to the airport. Flying stand by always makes me a little nervous, but everything has been going well so far! I'm currently at Narita and hoping to get to Seoul later tonight. I was lucky enough to sit in International Business Class and was completely spoiled. It was by far the best flying experience I've ever had! With seats that fully recline, plenty of drinks and all the movies I could watch I think I'm hooked :)I wonder what Rush will say about that...

Lunch Menu

How do I work all these switches?

The Appetizers
I have a few more hours here and then I'm off. I can't wait to see Rush!

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