Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Progress

Our rustic header finished by Rush from old redwood pieces purchased at Re-Use Hawaii

Newly painted wall

Hallway is complete!

The kitchen! Obviously not complete but a lot of progress was made in the last two days

The range installed! If you look at the pantry, you can see I'm finally putting stuff away!
For those of you that are keeping up with our renovations, we are finally making progress! Our bedroom has been completed except for closet doors, the guest room is waiting on a little trim work, our living room needs a few painted walls and furniture, and the kitchen is waiting on a few more doors! The list seems to be getting smaller and smaller. For all of our friends and family that want to see the new progress, I've attached some photos. The house is a disaster so as things get cleaner, I'll post more pictures!

This 4 day weekend has really given us time to get things done.  We have even had time for a surf or run which makes us much happier! Check out the photos above/below of our new progress!

Painting our bedroom door

Our deck and new car in the back ground!

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